Successfully referencing the text in the APA format of citation

Every student stepping into a university initially or later faces the daunting part of writing a thesis, which is known as a citation. Amongst the many formats followed by various universities, APA falls as one of the most commonly used. Though for a new learner it may seem like a hard task to conquer, but after following a few key tips and incorporating the citation once to twice, it no longer stays a threatening task.

The first key to writing a term paper is following the structure, preferred by the institution. At the end of the paper which is required to be written, there has to be a chapter that cites all the material used for referencing throughout the paper. For this purpose, when a certain critic, a journalist or an author is quoted within the text of the paper, it is essential to mention what the writer said and where. This helps the student who is writing the paper to rid their original work of the plagiarism threat. To cite within the paper, at the end of the quote one must capitalize the initials of the work being used and referred to.

While mentioning the names of certain authors, critics or even poets the initial of their first name followed by their second name is required in the APA format. If a student quotes something off a song, a movie or a television series he must italicize the name of the respective titles in order to ensure the correct use of the citation format.

Sometimes instead of directly quoting something, some students prefer paraphrasing a quote said by someone else. Though the words used in the text may be their own at the end of the paper it is still an idea displayed by someone else. This mode of writing demands for the idea to be cited. Therefore, while paraphrasing someone else’s published work the mention of the author’s name and the year it was published has to be present within the text. While using block quotes it is important to make a new paragraph of the quotation with a different starting point from the rest of the paper to make the quote stand out.

Though it may seem tricky to follow initially, the APA form of citing your work can help any individual take up ideas, quotes, or references from movies, novels, songs and television shows and incorporate them in the paper easily. With a simple mention of certain credentials within or at the end of the text, the paper can become one with no flaws.

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