Reasons behind research paper being a fearsome task and solution

A research paper is the highlight of a college degree. This is the phase of the degree that is given immense importance by not just the professors, but also the interviewers in the interview as well. Thus, all the pressure becomes too much for the students already drained from studies. If this doesn’t make students afraid, then there are the stories from the seniors and their experiences that make the juniors fearful. This fear might end up ruining the research paper of many students who are far too afraid to do any job right.

The first reason as mentioned earlier is the pressure of a research paper itself. Some students are afraid of commitment and devotion. And the research paper requires both these things. Actually, they might be able to do it, if it’s not made such a big deal and isn’t emphasized upon so seriously. The students have a fear of failure, especially in important tasks as they have never done this and their degree and job depends on it.

For some students, the fear of writing makes it impossible to consider a research paper as less than some monster. As they see past papers, they become more and more afraid because they think that they are not good writers, and to write such a long paper with skills is impossible for them. These students need reassurance and support to get them started. These students also need self-motivation to put them to work.

The fear of extensive research poses a hindrance for even the most brilliant students. Students have phobia of such amount of hard work. This is the most common reason among students for fearing a research paper. Some students are also afraid of practical implementation as it feels to them like they are expected to discover something new. Therefore, the college should conduct seminars, so the students know how to tackle their fears.

Above are some of the reasons why students give up and ask others to do their work for them. They spend all their energy and money to hire first-rate essay assistance. The legitimacy and ethical value of such act is a whole different issue, but many students suffer from immense losses due to this act. These students are taken away by the superficial words written on the websites and take such a big risk and they only realize later how big of a mistake they have made.

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