How to Write a Good Essay Introduction

An essay is only as good as its introduction. If the first two or three sentences of an essay fail to engage the attention of readers, it’s likely that the rest of it is going to remain unread except by those who are required to read it. An essay introduction is a promise and you must deliver on that promise by the end of the piece. You can learn a few techniques on how you can create an effective essay introduction.

First of all, when you’re starting an essay, you need the opening sentence should catch the attention. The introduction should be broad but not too much. It has to be broad so you can have enough room to explore other subtopics when you start writing your essay. But it should not be too broad that the reader would have no idea what you want to say. For example, if you are writing an essay about a particular poet, it is not a good idea to start your essay with a statement about literature in general.

It helps to know the things that you should not include when writing an essay introduction. Generally, you don’t need to use in-text citations on introductions, although this is not a fixed rule. You should also not include information that can distract the readers. Remember that you are trying to catch the attention of the reader by introducing your topic, you do not want them to be distracted by anything unrelated. 

Do not use cliches when writing your introduction. Sometimes it can be difficult to avoid cliches since a familiar expression can be a good fit to what you are trying to say, but you have to avoid those as much as possible.

You need to provide a statement when writing your introduction. Ideally, it is placed towards the end of the intro itself and should serve as an introduction for the next section. This is your main argument, the main idea that you are trying to prove with your whole essay, so it has to be written in a strong way that really gives your reader a clear picture of what you are trying to say.

A good introduction should provide your reader with an idea about what they will be reading in the whole essay. A good introduction is interesting, new, and clear. Stay away from old phrases that have been used in countless other essays. Explore the possibility of words and how you can say things with your unique voice.

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