How to know the impact of social media on recruitment?

Recruitment strategies are changing with the change in technological advancements. The recruiters are now looking for passive candidates and that is being made possible through the use of increased use of social media by the masses. As almost everyone is now using at least having one social media platform one way or the other, it is becoming the need of the hour for the recruiters to turn their attention towards changing the way they worked before.

There are many ways in which the social media is affecting the process of recruitment these days, some of which are discussed in this article. First of all, the needs and preferences of the corporate world are changed. As Human Resource Management is strategically linked to the business vision and mission, so they have to adapt quickly to the changes in the external environment. The different platforms of social media like those of networking, socializing, blogs and information websites are being used worldwide by almost everybody today, so recruiters are now looking for passive candidates who are best fit for their companies. The word passive means who are not actually looking for a certain job, but one can still know about their qualifications, experience, important connections, etc. to link one`s organizational needs and objectives to hiring certain kinds of candidates with a matching skill set and expertise in a particular industry.

Recruiters can know about potential candidates` personalities, their views about daily life activities, and their general pattern of communication with other people to make sure that they could be best suited for business culture. It also helps in reaching them quickly and before other competing companies: as competition is fierce, in this day and age, companies cannot just sit and wait for people to apply for a certain job; instead they take time as money and reach their desired individuals themselves. Many companies now ask for candidates to share their Networking social media URL so that they can know about them without the need for conventional CVs. They see their key connections, ask them about the candidates and make their decisions on the spot. So it saves a lot of time without asking candidates to give their CV and their references. Now companies use social media to share their views, their nature of working environment, and benefits of working for them, etc. to the masses so that any possible candidates could be attracted themselves. This technique is the most effective use of social media for the recruiters as it saves much of the effort of advertising job ads in newspapers, on the internet etc.

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